"I am a huge fan of wipes for our patients as a more effective alternative for dry eyes, blepharitis, and for overall ocular hygiene versus other eyelid wipes. I recommend this product on a regular basis and our patients are thrilled with the results."
Dr. Jeremy Ciano, O.D.
Owner of Revolution Eyes
Official Optometrist of the Indiana Ice
Official Optometrist of the Indianapolis Indians

"I love the wipes and recommend them for all of my patients who need to have better lid hygiene. The cloths are thick, strong, and easy to use. My patients like the fact that they do not have to rinse their eyes after using . I have been 100% satisfied with these wipes because my patients' lids and lashes look so much cleaner and healthier!"
Dr. Holly S. Coriell, O.D.
Owner of Coriell Eyecare

"We have a busy optometric practice and frequently provide care for patients experiencing various eyelid conditions which require treatment. I have been very pleased how well the Visi- Cleanse eyelid cleansing wipes have performed on my patients. They are effective yet mild enough for patients to use for daily eyelid hygiene and somewhat thicker and more comfortable than other similar products based on the feedback I've received. Because the maker, Life Wipes, has priced the fairly, our patients appreciate that they are affordable for regular use."
Dr. James L. Haines, O.D.
Owner of Zionsville Eyecare
2013 Indiana Optometrist of the Year

"I just wanted to say thank you for developing such a great product for our patients. I recommend wipes certainly for our patients with blepharitis, but ALL the time for our dry eye patients. Any of my dry eye patients that wake up with burning eyes are great candidates for your product. gets their lids less inflamed quickly and comfortably. I also recommend it for end of day dryness. My patients use at night, and come back to me for follow-ups happy! It's great because I can sell it from the office and know that my patient is using the correct product."
Dr. Katherine Schuetz, O.D.
Revolution Eyes

"I have been using and prescribing the Eyelid Cleansing Wipes. Hands down, they are more comfortable and soothing than any other lid cleansing product I have used. My patients rave about them."
Dr. Tammy Wittman, O.D.
Owner Wittmann 20/20 Family Eye Center

"I have used these wipes with great success. Patients love the quilted design which keeps them moist a lot longer than the traditional eye wipes. The solution in them does not cause any irritation or burning. Since I personally use them, I have introduced them to all 4 of my locations."
Dr. Alexander H. Kouklakis B.S.V.S.,O.D.
Owner of Vision Source

"I recommend to my patients because I have used and enjoyed the benefits of this product myself! The large, soft cloth is easy to handle and non-abrasive. I get effective lid cleaning and make-up removal without stinging or the need to rinse. Compared to other comparable products on the market, is hands down my favorite and only recommendation."
Dr. Elizabeth C. Eastes, O.D.
Owner of Carmel Family Optometry

"I have found particularly useful in my practice for many reasons. The typical blepharitis patient benefits from these immensely, but in addition to those patients, I have found it useful for many of my contact lens patients. I have many patients who have seasonal allergies and allergies can cause unwanted effects with contact lens wear. , used twice daily, helps to take away extra allergens that may build up on eyelashes and eyelids."
Dr. Colin Christie, O.D.
Christie Vision Care

"We carry because it is a convenient, easy-to-use, individually packaged wipe for our customers. Our customers have been raving about them! One customer in particular buys them by the case for her daughter who has severe allergies. has been the only product she has found on the market that she is safely able to use on her daughter’s eyes. She says they have been a lifesaver and she always has some on hand."
Maria R.
Business Owner

"I have used lid wipes and so has my wife. I like the way my lids feel after using the wipes and my wife said they remove her eye makeup easily and clean the lashes all in one step without even needing to rinse. We both highly recommend as a great choice for safe and effective lid hygiene."
Russ V.

"I have suffered from eye allergies and blepharitis most of my adult life. Other wipes and solutions had been suggested in the past and I found that all had drawbacks. wipes were suggested to me by my optometrist and I have found them to be very effective. The wipes are very gentle and soothing when applied. They are residue-free, which is very helpful as I travel significantly and do not have access to water to rinse my face. I also enjoy the packaging of the wipes since they can be opened without using scissors."
Gary R.

From Amazon.com:

By T Benjamin Sebina
"I cannot articulate how happy I am with this product. What an excellent, effective product. Great price too! I tend to have crusty eyelids due to blepharitis on a daily basis and this wipe (which is thick, moist, and gentle on my skin) is a godsend. This product is very simple and easy to use. I highly recommend it!"

By Rita Eh Pemberton
Amazon Verified Purchase
"After years of irritated, itchy, teary, burning eyes due to Blepharitis, I have finally found a lid wipe that aids in cleansing away the offending debris that causes it. I LOVE these wipes and would recommend them to anyone with the same problem. I used to use a cleansing routine that called for baby shampoo, which was recommended by my Ophthalmologist; however, since starting on , I can never go back to that less-than-satisfactory method. I'm good-to-go for the rest of the day. My eyes feel great!"

By Ant
Bought Wipes and the wipes are great. Really impressed with the no hassle easy to use wipes in a convenient package and it works great. Even my wife is using them and is really pleased with the product."

By Cramber
Amazon Verified Purchase
"There are two qualities about this product that stand out. The first is the SIZE. When I received them I immediately tore one open and discovered that it is much larger than wipes I had used before. This is important to me because I use them for an eye condition, but my wife also loves them because it makes it easy to remove makeup. The second feature is they are very MOIST, we never have to rinse afterwards. We even tried it on our dog for his eye boogies and now he looks forward to a good scrubbing!! I would recommend them for anyone."

By Muggen
"This is the easiest, most gentle product I have used on my eyes. The wipe comes in an easy to open package, and is particularly great when traveling. I am always concerned about rubbing my eyes with any type of harsh substance or material and these have been the perfect answer to my concerns. I really have nothing but good things to say about this product. In addition, we live in Canada and the shipping was fast and convenient. We will definitely order again when our supply runs out!"