About Us

Mission Statement

At Life Wipes, LLC, we recognize the importance of proper eyelid care and are committed to providing a safe and effective product that can help to improve the condition of the exterior surfaces of the eye.

We created an eyelid wipe so patients would have an appropriate, clean, and convenient way with which to clean their eyelids that is safe, convenient and effective.

was created by a pharmacist and a physician assistant after listening to patient complaints about other eyelid wipes on the market being too foamy, tacky, and flimsy. Another main complaint was the need to rinse the eye area after use. This negated the convenience of the wipe. was created to give you the freedom to cleanse your eyelid without the need to rinse. This gives you the ability to use it anytime, anywhere. We set out to create something unlike anything on the market, and with this vision and hope in mind, we created .

We are proud to have manufactured in the U.S.A. in accordance with FDA quality control standards.

At Life Wipes, we are dedicated to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.